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Join Abi’s Fitness Studio today — where every age finds strength, support, and success on their fitness journey. Start achieving your goals with us. 💪

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Experience transformation at Abi’s Fitness Studio, where health goals meet expert guidance. Our certified personal trainers and nutrition specialists are dedicated to sculpting your ultimate physique. 

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It is imperative that everyone maximises the time they spend exercising to help guarantee optimal results.

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Our individual Personal Training Packages range from revive, strengthen, Transform and Dramatic
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Our Couple Personal Training Packages range from revive, strengthen, Transform and Dramatic. Best for couple
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  • Abi's Fitness

    I first started my fitness journey at Abi’s studio in January 2020 and I love every session I do – even when it is hard to get out of bed for a 6:30 start in the pouring rain!

    I train with Harry and his expertise and personalised approach makes each session thoroughly enjoyable. He listens to what I want out of my time in the studio and I thoroughly enjoy seeing my progression week on week. Being able to laugh alongside pushing yourself is incredibly important and there is a wonderful balance of this with Harry.

    Georgina Shryane
  • Abi's Fitness

    Abi is an exceptional personal trainer. his sessions are totally bespoke; he puts together combinations of exercises which push you and keep you engaged, but are always still friendly and fun. he is a total professional and has first-class knowledge of exercise and the body. He is very flexible and understands the diaries of busy people. his pricing is also very competitive. 10/10 would recommend!🔥

    Micky A
  • Abi's Fitness

    As a couple we felt intimidated working out in the gym. Here Abi and his team motivated and encouraged us, whilst tailoring unique programmes to help us meet our goals, in a private boutique fitness environment away from the crowds. Now our little one joins us too! Thank you Abi! 🚴‍♂️

    Guy Bartleet
  • Abi's Fitness

    Came as a couple and stayed attending multiple times a week for months!
    Loved our sessions with both Harry and Abi. Built up our confidence, and fitness levels with their expertise!

    D Gar


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