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Some of Our Programmes

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Tailored classes specific to your needs for faster results


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that will keep you moving from start to finish. Expect a mixture of equipment with body weight exercises, heavy overtone of plyometrics with light barbell and medicine balls, finishing with core strengthening.


Kettlebell classes comprising a 30min workout that will get you heart rate up in a completely different way to cardio. These movements challenge almost every muscle in your body. Good for conditioning and extremely fun.



It includes repetitive dynamic movement and active static poses to improve flexibility and mobility. Combined with core exercises to hit all your abdominal muscles for a strong core. Both flexibility and core strengthening is very important for overall daily function, injury prevention and a management for joint and back aches.


Boxercise is a full body fat burning and endurance workout. It includes footwork, boxing techniques and padwork. Join to learn a new skill or a fun way of getting fit and loosing weight. Guaranteed you will leave the class sweaty, feeling empowered and less stressed.


Circuit is a full body endurance and strength conditioning workout. Includes a series of stations that target different body parts, body weight and resistance equipments, from fast paced cardio to holding a plank exercise. Great workout for weight loss, full body strenghtening and endruance training all in one session.

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Abi's Fitness

About Us

Experienced and trained professionals

What we're all about

Located at the very heart of Wandsworth Common, Abi’s Fitness Studio is a true community, committed to helping you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

We are dedicated professionals, always looking forward to help you achieve your fitness goals for the year. We won’t force you to do anything you don’t want, we are just here to help guide you.

Abi's Fitness

Our Gym

Experienced and trained professionals

Abi’s Fitness Studio is a gym that has committed to helping people of all ages achieve their fitness goals. We will help and guide you through your fitness journey. We offer:

  • Group and 1-to-1 personal training
  • A wide range of classes – including specially designed classes
  • Sports conditioning
  • On-demand physio-therapy appointments

Whether your motivation is health related or purely to get that ‘ultimate revenge body’, our team of personal trainers and extensive network of nutrition and well being professionals are on hand to support you, every step of your personal journey. We know that when it comes to achieving fitness goals,the solution is always personal which is what our Personal training services are targeted and evolve as you hit set fitness milestone,set during the consultation.


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5 classes package

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£150 (25% off)

10 classes package

Ten sessions of your choice (Valid for 3 months)

Our Trainers

Our fitness experts can help you discover new training techniques.