Happy clients

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“Abi was truly a God sent in a time I needed him most. He is passionate about his job and consistently ensures that the needs of his clients are met. Abi kept me focused on my goals and motivated me to reach my full potential, even at customised rates. I will recommend Abi's fitness to anyone who wishes improve their fitness levels, he truly is the best.”

Carl Adams

“I always struggled at the gym before starting with Abi. Abi's shown me how to train, what to eat and has worked with me towards my goals. I've gained so much confidence as a result of our sessions - it's the best decision I've ever made. Not only am I fitter and healthier than ever before, I've lost 4 stone (healthily!) as a result. ”

— Nicole Watson

“After several years of half heartedly going to the gym and not seeing results, I decided to do something different. Abi and I trained together every Friday morning for almost 3 years, and he changed not only my routine and diet, he dramatically changed my commitment to staying in shape. Sessions were well thought through, varied and evolved with my fitness, and Abi is a fun, easy going guy to chat and laugh through as well!”

Vanessa Horton

“The training sessions which we have with Abi twice a week, sharing one hour each time, have become a necessity in our lives. ”

— Adam Spratt