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Abi’s Fitness Studio is a gym that has committed to helping people of all ages achieve their fitness goals. We will help and guide you through your fitness journey. We offer:

  • Group and 1-to-1 personal training
  • A wide range of classes – including specially designed classes
  • Sports conditioning
  • On-demand physio-therapy appointments

Whether your motivation is health related or purely to get that ‘ultimate revenge body’, our team of personal trainers and extensive network of nutrition and well being professionals are on hand to support you, every step of your personal journey. We know that when it comes to achieving fitness goals,the solution is always personal which is what our Personal training services are targeted and evolve as you hit set fitness milestone,set during the consultation.

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With almost 10 years experience as a qualified PT, Abis has an insatiable passion for his calling. His mission (which he has chosen to accept): to invite the world starting with Wandsworth into the personal training fitness space and to unlock the door to the results that come from understanding your body unique needs.

Sports is not only a great way to have fun, it keeps mind, body and soul healthy. Engaging the younger generation in the sports day promotes a sense of focus, discipline and good habits. We have seen young people adopt a positive attitude towards teamwork and a sense of community in pursuit of a single goal: to win! And they all do. I know what sports meant to me at a young age; I hope this initiative can make a lasting life-changing difference for the young people involved.


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Everything you need and more

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“Abi was truly a God sent in a time I needed him most. He is passionate about his job and consistently ensures that the needs of his clients are met. Abi kept me focused on my goals and motivated me to reach my full potential, even at customised rates. I will recommend Abi's fitness to anyone who wishes improve their fitness levels, he truly is the best.”

Carl Adams

“I always struggled at the gym before starting with Abi. Abi's shown me how to train, what to eat and has worked with me towards my goals. I've gained so much confidence as a result of our sessions - it's the best decision I've ever made. Not only am I fitter and healthier than ever before, I've lost 4 stone (healthily!) as a result. ”

— Nicole Watson

“After several years of half heartedly going to the gym and not seeing results, I decided to do something different. Abi and I trained together every Friday morning for almost 3 years, and he changed not only my routine and diet, he dramatically changed my commitment to staying in shape. Sessions were well thought through, varied and evolved with my fitness, and Abi is a fun, easy going guy to chat and laugh through as well!”

Vanessa Horton

“The training sessions which we have with Abi twice a week, sharing one hour each time, have become a necessity in our lives. ”

— Adam Spratt


Events can bring a community together


Our launch day was a great success as we met with many different clients, they were all excited to see the new studio. They all agreed that the new studio was great to work at mainly due to the fact that there are various workout equipment including ketttlebells, free weights, a treadmill and many more. They were all excited to start their workouts somewhere new. We provided all of our new clients with a goody bag to celebrate our new launch event which was a huge success. There are many more great events to come and we want your there.

Delivery Contents

“We’re making light of hard work” Want a taste of what we offer? Join us at Wandsworth Common Park for one of our monthly cardio training sessions, aimed at all fitness levels. A member of our team hosts a 45 minute open air class – come rain or sun. We take you through your paces in the beautiful surrounds of Wandsworth Common Park, using nature’s very own equipment and a few of our own!


Do you have what it takes to wipe the floor with the competition? Tough Mudder has quickly become one of the UK’s most popular obstacle courses, testing teamwork abilities as well as brawn. Abi is inviting willing members of the studio to form part of the 2020 team. Suitable for all fitness levels, these muddy games are sure to have you feeling well and truly accomplished.